Residual Wedding Bliss

I thought things would slow down quite a bit when the wedding was over. Haaaahahahah! But regardless of the speed of life, things have been pretty awesome. Milestone achieved: the thank you cards are DONE!!! I decided to make thank-you cards that matched the invitations – so sending those out took a little longer than I originally would have anticipated.… (more…)

Thank you!!!

To our Friends and Family, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Nick and I are currently at the airport, waiting on our flight. Before we head out of the country, we wanted to send a quick note to all of you thanking you for making the big day (and weekend) absolutely perfect. Thank you to our family who really, really… (more…)

Just Days Away…

So. Only a few days away… On Saturday, Nick, Jono and I spent some time cleaning up the Q’arma courtyard. Sweeping, weeding & moving some of the construction supplies out of the way. It was nice to spend the day outside, though I’ll admit it was pretty chilly! Fortunately it’s supposed to warm back up a bit later in the… (more…)

Two weeks left?

Can’t I have a bit more time? Things have been busy – and even more so than normal. I’m trying to get ahead at work and tie up loose ends so I can take my wedding/vacation with few negative repercussions… but it seems like everybody else is busy too, so “wrapping things up”  has been challenging.  In all aspects, I’m… (more…)

Wedding Updates from Nick & J-me

We sent the following notice out via email to our friends and family… but since not everybody has email, we’re posting it here as well just in case. Also for posterity. 🙂 Dear Friends and Family, The big day is getting closer and closer! The little orange envelopes have been a treat to come home to and we’re very excited… (more…)

Where are we registered?

Several people have asked where we are registered, so here is the official answer. We don’t have a traditional gifts registry. In fact, we’ve spent the past year really trying to consolidate and downsize the amount of *stuff* we have in our house, which has very, very little storage. And while we get that it’s the norm now, we honestly… (more…)

Invitations (spoiler alert)

So… I had fun making the wedding invitations – perhaps a little bit more than I expected. We decided to do them ourselves both to save a little money and also so we could do whatever we wanted instead of going with some printing template. Looking back at the components, I realize there were various bits and pieces that made… (more…)

It’s just a dress!

The dress-buying process has been a little bit chaotic, but my friend Jessica has been helping me a ton. (Thank you!!!) After some mild trauma and very little success at The Store That Shall not Be Named, we tried a different approach. First, we went to Eli’s downtown for a yummy brunch – completely with bloody marys. From there we… (more…)

Chowgirls: Menu Tasting!

Tonight Nick and I went to do the menu tasting.  A difficult task indeed… Just kidding – it was AWESOME! Here’s a small sampling of what’s in store. Appetizers: Guacamole, fire-roasted tomato salsa, and a mango salsa. Chicken salad in endive (possibly my favorite Chowgirls menu item of all time ever…) Dinner Mmmmm grilled veggies. So good I took another… (more…)

Hey there sports fan!

For the record, my sister called me right away. But then I got distracted by something shiny and we left town for the weekend. I’m incredibly sorry to keep you all hanging. You’ve been on pins and needles, haven’t you? I’m sure you have been. Nick and I want to create a really awesome Minnesota experience around our wedding, especially… (more…)