Where are we registered?

Several people have asked where we are registered, so here is the official answer.

We don’t have a traditional gifts registry. In fact, we’ve spent the past year really trying to consolidate and downsize the amount of *stuff* we have in our house, which has very, very little storage. And while we get that it’s the norm now, we honestly think the registry concept is just a little weird. We want to celebrate the day with you! We appreciate the sentiment behind gifts, but don’t want to put pressure on people to buy us stuff – especially if we don’t need another toaster (not even a toaster pre-screened by us).

So instead, we registered for a Honeyfund. A friend suggested Honeyfund to me, saying: “People are going to want to give you gifts. That’s just how it works. You need to have some sort of system set up lest you wind up with 10 toasters, 46 towels and a crystal goose platter.”

Nick and I have wanted to travel to Europe together as long as we’ve been together and this honeymoon is our first chance to do it. But traveling is crazy expensive, so we caved and registered on “Honeyfund”- a honeymoon gifts registry.

How it works

The Honeyfund is quite literally a “registry” for our trip. We’re traveling to England and Ireland, and you can help us get there. And instead of just giving cash, you can fund specific parts of our adventure. A dinner in London, a trip to the Cliffs of Moher, Stonehenge (!), etc.

The site allows you to pay online with a credit card or print out a gift certificate to send along with cash or a check. The site is also free to use, for you and for us, and free is the best.

We liked the idea a lot because then it makes the registry process more engaging. We get to share with you a bit of what our honeymoon plans are: where we’re going and what we’ll be doing. And instead of getting us some gadget, you’ll literally help make our travel dreams come true. Awwww, how romantical!

You can find our Honeyfund Page at:
There’s also a link to it on the right bar of this site.

We also understand that some people are more comfortable online than others. If you have any questions about how it works or need a little help walking through it, let me or Nick know.

And it bears saying again: we request your presence, not your presents! (~wokka wokka~) Especially since some of you are traveling so far and bearing great expense to get to Minnesoooota, we’re really just excited you’re sharing the day with us and expect nothing more than hugs and congratulatory high fives. ☺

(And for the record, if anybody gets us a crystal goose platter, you may or may not be getting the same thing back for Christmas. Just sayin.’)

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