Hey there sports fan!

For the record, my sister called me right away. But then I got distracted by something shiny and we left town for the weekend. I’m incredibly sorry to keep you all hanging. You’ve been on pins and needles, haven’t you? I’m sure you have been.

Nick and I want to create a really awesome Minnesota experience around our wedding, especially for our friends and family coming from out of town. Well – what better way to experience the Twin Cities than with a special visit to Target Field?

Last year I got to go on a tour – just before the stadium opened, because I’m special like that. Getting to see everything that went on behind the scenes to make Target Field an awesome place to watch a game and gave me an added appreciation for both the stadium and the sport. Lots of effort went into making the stadium environmentally friendly, many Minnesota companies were used to source the materials (and on an ongoing basis, the food served at the stadium too.) The hippie/foodie in me hearted all of those things.

So, in lieu of the traditional after-wedding Sunday brunch, we’ve booked two private tours for the day after our wedding. Woohoo! We’ve got to keep the numbers reasonable so we’ll be emailing guests within the next week or so about the details to see who wants to go. With all the good karma we’ll be bringing on Sunday, the Twins better win the following week, although right now it’s not looking promising.

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