It’s just a dress!

The dress-buying process has been a little bit chaotic, but my friend Jessica has been helping me a ton. (Thank you!!!)

After some mild trauma and very little success at The Store That Shall not Be Named, we tried a different approach.

First, we went to Eli’s downtown for a yummy brunch – completely with bloody marys. From there we walked to Macy’s and enjoyed some of the beautiful, sunny Sunday. At Macy’s it was surprisingly and pleasantly very, very quiet – perhaps folks were still at church or maybe it was just our luck for the day. The sales staff were incredibly helpful and actually seemed excited we were there. After trying on several dresses (all leaps and bounds better than anything we saw at The Store That Shall Not Be Named) our  sales associate said she was “going to confuse us just a little bit more” and brought out just one more dress to try on.

What happened next went a little something like this:

Cinderella Dress

Okay, so there wasn’t exactly fairy dust involved. However in my real-life, non cartoon form: the dress  was beautiful, it felt comfortable, it fit well, it was on sale, so that was it! Done. No more dress shopping. WOOHOO!

In other news: Tables and chairs have been ordered so our guests have a place to sit and eat. Functionally that’s far more important than the dress, but it wasn’t nearly as much of a process and besides, Disney doesn’t have any cute images about that part of the process for me to joke about.

Or do they?

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We’re just MAD about the chairs and tables, really we are. What a wild party it shall be!

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