Two weeks left?

Can’t I have a bit more time?

Things have been busy – and even more so than normal. I’m trying to get ahead at work and tie up loose ends so I can take my wedding/vacation with few negative repercussions… but it seems like everybody else is busy too, so “wrapping things up”  has been challenging.  In all aspects, I’m trying to check things off the “to-do” list without adding anything new to the bottom. I’ve been moderately successful with that, but I’d love to have more time to handle some of the fun stuff – because I’m becoming increasingly distracted to say the least.

BathroomMy  family will be staying with us the week of the wedding, so we’ve been trying to wrap up a few home projects too. We finished the basement bathroom just last week! Now we have two, complete, fully functional bathrooms in our house. It’s fantastic! Some of the initial work on the bathroom was done years ago, but our interest in the project tapered off. (Home improvements = stressful and expensive!)

But in the past year Nick and his dad have really worked hard to wrap it up, and in doing so they turned a really quirky basement space into a very large, lovely bathroom. (For the record in case you think I’m a total slacker… I did help a tiny bit in the home stretch by doing the painting and some of the drywall stuffs. I also ordered the shower curtain Nick wanted from Amazon, and all that clicking was very very hard work.)Bathroom

It’s difficult to capture the size of a bathroom-room in a photo, but it’s really roomy compared to our tiny bath upstairs, and the shower is a lot more suitable for tall people like Nick. (I refuse to get rid of the claw-foot tub upstairs, because I think it’s so charming and claw-foot tubs are the best for bubble baths.)

But I digress… I’m not sure how much wedding information I should be posting and how much I should be saving for “the big day.”

My dress arrived and I drove to my fitting last week a little freaked out and not super happy with the dress and my last fitting experience. (The demo dress was wayyyyy too big, and horribly cumbersome.) But the seamstress I met with last week is great and I left feeling FANTASTIC and more excited about the dress than I was well… ever. Yay for proper sizes and hems!

Site visit with the caterer, check. Beer and wine ordered, check. Favors, check. Centerpieces? Well, that’s still on the to-do list – I have to do those closer to the actual day. (You’ll see!)

I want a bit more time to do some of the little, fun things I was looking forward to doing… so we’ll see how this next week goes and how productive I’ll be able to be.

All in all, planning is going really well and we’re fortunate to have really awesome support from friends and family. There have been a few weird byproducts of this whole wedding business, though. I feel like it makes me more selfish than normal and that feels strange. I have been told we have every right to be selfish around on “our special day” but… here’s what I mean when I say this all feels strange:

This has been a really, really hard year for so many people. Because our friends are scattered about the world, quite a few won’t be able to share the day with us. We’ve got people in our family with health issues, going through divorces, legal battles, financial concerns, etc. This year has also been absolute hell when it comes to weather. The tornado that hit the Minneapolis community, the storm on the east coast, some friends of ours recently lost their family home in the horrific fires in Bastrop…

Aren’t there more important things to be thinking about besides how my dress fits?

I have trouble with the whole “my dress, my wedding, my shoes, my blah blah blah” part of this process, so I wind up feeling really selfish and/or guilty when I take time for those things. But I have to remind myself there are always other “more important” things going on, and life is very much about balance. So as we’ve been planning the wedding from start to finish, we’ve really been trying to stack the deck on the fun side. We need things like weddings and parties to celebrate life, our friends, our family… Our wedding isn’t going to be fancy or stiff. Instead, we really hope it’s going to be a welcome respite for us and our guests from all the crap that the world seems to be doling out in large quantities these days.

Indulgent food. Delicious cake. Beer and wine. Cheesy and wonderful music. Friends. Family. So many hugs.

I can’t wait.

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