Photographer + Food + Surprise

Hi All,

Folks keep asking us how the wedding planning is coming along. Wedding planning? Oh yeah… about that 🙂 Well, we haven’t really been doing a ton of planning. We aren’t having a traditional wedding party so there’s not that to worry about, and we don’t need to pick out a church, so there isn’t that aspect either. That being said, we do have a few other updates.

Chicken Salad in Endive

Chicken Salad in Endive

We picked out some tasty-sounding food from the caterer’s menu, such as the awesomeness you see above. I also have been eating more cake lately. You know… for research.

stalkin ur cookiez

Priorities, we can haz them?

In other news, we’ve confirmed a photographer. Our friend Elli Rader is a fantastic artist and wedding photographer. Last year she curated a project called “Of Scars,”  a photographic tribute to women who’ve lived through breast cancer. You can find out more about the project here: We’re excited that we’ll get to work with somebody whose creative and professional work we appreciate, and we’ll be meeting at the gallery on Sunday to talk more about the wedding with her.

Also: my friend Jessica and I are going in a few weeks to look at wedding dresses, just to get a feel for what’s out there and what might be a decent style for me.

I do have one more update for you… but I’m waiting for a call from my sister before announcing it on the blog. So you’re just going to have to wait for that one. Muhahahahah.

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