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Welcome blog newcomers!

The save-the-dates went out today, so I’m guessing there is going to be a bit more bloggy traffic this week (particularly from folks that haven’t heard about the blog yet via facebook n’ stuff.) To the new arrivals: welcome, and greetings from the snowy tundra! Over the next couple months we’ll be using this blog to make updates about the… (more…)

It’s going to be a *small* wedding.

Wedding planning test of endurance #1: The Guest List.

It’s official, we have an officiant!

I’m going to have to be careful not to title each blog post with an exclamation point. It’s hard not to be excited about these things. Just a quick update for you today: we have an officiant! Nick’s coworker Molly has become a really good friend to both of us. In addition to being an incredibly talented lady, she’s also… (more…)

Wedding updates: location, food, fun.

More updates, updates, updatey updates. We’ll have to keep the guest list smaller as a result… but we’re excited about things settling into place. I brought it up at today’s board meeting to make sure everybody was okay with it and everybody seemed not just okay, but pretty excited too.  Ae it is. Given the location, we know who we… (more…)

We set a date!

So far the planning process has been fun for Nick and I which is apparently a feat in and of itself. Well, all except for one hiccup, early on… Within a week of being engaged we were being barraged with questions: “When’s the date?” “Do you have you colors picked out?” “Ohhhhh what kind of dress are you going to… (more…)