Residual Wedding Bliss

I thought things would slow down quite a bit when the wedding was over. Haaaahahahah! But regardless of the speed of life, things have been pretty awesome.

Milestone achieved: the thank you cards are DONE!!!

I decided to make thank-you cards that matched the invitations – so sending those out took a little longer than I originally would have anticipated. (Though we got them out before Christmas. Woohoo – big success!)

Nick and Jamie at the Guinness Storehouse

Another milestone: I’ve also been blogging regularly about the massive honeymoon trip on my personal blog at, and I put up the last honeymoon post today.

Coming back from an incredible trip like that was pretty harsh… but being reunited with the dogs was fun, and we’ve been trying to enjoy the little things. (Because trips to Costco really are just as fun as trips to the Guinness Storehouse! Okay, maybe not. But we do love spending time together.)

me, my mom, my sister and my nieces

We also came back from the honeymoon to another surprise – wedding photos from our photographer Elli! They look amaaaazing, and sorting through them was a lot of fun. (Though I’m glad I’ll surely never see that many photos of myself ever again. “Hey – here’s one of me! and another one of me. Omg look at this photo of me and another one of me!”)

If you want to check out the online galleries you can see them here:  (password: pumpkin).

For any guests reading this blog post: we’re going to be making a wedding album and we’d like for it to include as many pictures as we can – of everybody that was there, if possible! If you’ve got some photo gems you’d like to share with us, we’d really appreciate it.

The past few months have been absolutely incredible. Returning from the honeymoon was a big reality check, but now we’re just catching up on life and trying to spend as much time with each other as possible… enjoying the  residual wedding bliss as it comes.

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